Learning to love again…


I used to love writing.  It was both an escape from my everyday life, and a way to organize the thoughts I had about the world I lived in.  Writing helped me retreat from my life, and live more faithfully in it.  I won’t pretend that I was ever a great writer, but I was good at it, and writing was a skill that improved the more I pursued that passion.

Over the past eight years I lost that love of writing, and so I don’t write, at least for fun.  As a pastor, I write a great deal every week, but it has become a struggle and a chore.  I don’t love writing my sermons each week, thought I love to preach.

My hope is that by beginning to write freely again, about anything I want, I may begin to discover the love I once had. I also hope this blog project helps me to begin developing greater skills that will carry over into my professional life as well.  Finally I hope this is a forum that allows me to begin organizing thoughts, and exploring ideas that may not be safe to post in my congregation.

And so here goes; a new spiritual discipline for the journey of faith. God, help me to learn to love writing again.